New cards are being tested, and I will change them as needed. Naturally I welcome feedback. In addition, you can now print new fear tokens,  and a playing board along with character tokens.

Fear Cards
Replace the Haunted House and Home with the new Haunted House and Home. Shuffle the Fear cards into their own stack and set them off to the side. Now the Haunted House gives the other players Fear Cards. The cards penalize the player until they can get rid of the Fear Cards at Home.

Download the Fear Cards Expansion Prototype

Super Tricks
Add the Magic Shop location and shuffle the Super Tricks into their own pile. Super Tricks aren’t part of your hand and can’t be stolen by the Bully. Play them on your turn like the other Tricks.

Download the Super Tricks Expansion Prototype

Mixed Bag Sets
Place an extra Mixed Bag Set next to the Sets in play. The game still ends normally and there are always three normal sets in play. Each time a normal set is scored place a point token on the face up Mixed Bag Set. A player may choose to claim the Mixed Bag Set instead. The set requires any three treats and gives the player the points sitting on it. If the Mixed Bag Sets run out continue the game without them.

Download the Mixed Bag Expansion Prototype

Super Sets
Deal each player a Super Set at the start of the game and put the rest in the box. The player can look at it when they need, otherwise they keep it on the table face down. When turning in a set instead of one of the three sets at Home the player can choose to score the Super Set instead of one of the sets at the Home. The Super Set is not part of the player’s hand and cannot be stolen.

Download the Super Set Expansion Prototype