The dragon had been asleep for a hundred years. In that time, the cave under which it slumbered had changed greatly—goblins and strange monsters had filled its gloomy depths. There were stories and rumors about the cave itself thinking, shifting, growing stronger and more dangerous. Mystic crystals were rumored of, filling the cave’s rooms with spectral light and hiding the entrance to the sleeping dragon’s immeasurable treasure trove.

Into this darkness, the knight stepped, her gloved hand gripping the hilt of her sword. The years of quests, all of the victories and defeats had led to this—this one final adventure. The kingdom could never be at peace with the dragon beneath the mountain, and so she had come. And she had awoken everything that slumbered in the shadows… and begun the conclusive battle in the darkness.


Leder Games is proud to announce the upcoming Kickstarter campaign for Trove, the ultimate asymmetric cave-crawling adventure game for two to four players!

Trove takes you and your friends into the flickering light of a classic cave-crawling adventure, built on the concept of total asymmetry. Rather than playing a party of adventurers, only one player is the brave Knight. The other three are the chaotic Goblin horde, the colossal, greedy Dragon, and the Cave itself — powerful, brooding, and full of intent to crush the living things that dare to disturb its gloomy depths. Each role has its own powers, pieces, and paths to victory … and there can only be one winner.

The Ultimate Asymmetric Board Game

Trove provides a limitless hoard of adventure, playable again and again as you and your friends explore the four different roles that make up the game. Play one-on-one in a race to the death between the Knight and the Goblins, or add in the Dragon and the Cave for deeper and more epic experiences, different every time. With a cave constructed of tiles, and decks full of monsters, special abilities, and game-changing events, no two play-throughs of Trove will ever be the same.

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Leder Games can’t wait to bring you Trove—and change the way you think about asymmetric gameplay forever.