Leder Games is a growing company that produces the Vast series of board games. We have sold over one million dollars of Vast products and are coming off of a successful Kickstarter for our new game Root: A Game of Woodland Might and Right. In addition we will be working on a variety of new projects in the coming year that expand our lines.

To expand our production capabilities, we are hoping to create new, part-time graphic design position here in Saint Paul, Minnesota.

This position will have five primary duties:

  1. Prototype Production. Quickly generate digital assets and physical prototypes.
  2. Production Layout. Assist in the preparation of graphics assets for production.
  3. Marketing Production. Create marketing materials, including graphics for Kickstarter campaigns, sell-sheets, and social media.
  4. WordPress/Web Design. Manage and expand the company’s website.
  5. Video Design. Storyboard and animate simple promotional videos for upcoming products.

The ideal candidate should be highly self-motivated and able to both design sophisticated production schedules and execute on those schedules. In addition, the applicant should:

  • Be proficient in all of the major programs in the Adobe Creative Cloud
  • Understand modern website design and the WordPress CMS
  • Have a passion for contemporary board games

Applicants should submit a resume or C.V. along with a digital portfolio to

Leder Games is an Equal Opportunity employer.