Frequently Asked Questions

There are only two of us reading emails. Please read the following FAQ before contacting us with an issue.

How do I contact you?
I recently emailed you, why didn’t you respond?
When will my pre-order of the second printing ship?
How can I get the game?
I am a PayPal backer, now what?
Version Differences?

How do I contact you?

Please use the contact form or directly mail We are happy to help and Caryl is way better at it than I am.

I emailed you (3 days/4 hours/several minutes ago), I’m going to contact you another way.

There are only 1.5 of us working customer service at Leder Games. One of those people is Patrick Leder who is also working on delivering the products. By contacting me another way you are slowing down the proper path to responding and creating an exception we have to deal with. Please don’t do that and be patient.

I backed or pre-ordered the second printing of the game. When will it ship?

Did you order the core game in English? If you ordered before March 1 the core game should have shipped by now. We either didn’t get you to fill out a survey from backerkit or it is still in transit.

 Did you order the core game in a non-English language?

They are still being translated. We will ship it as soon as it is done. We are aiming for August/September.

 Did you order Miniatures or Addons?

When you pledged or pre-ordered they were still being made and you agreed to an August delivery. We are just on schedule for August. If you ordered them in another language that will delay shipment.

 Did you order an Upgrade?

Regrettably the factory did not deliver this up to our standards. They will ship in August when the other games things ship. A foreign language edition will come later.

How can I get the game? Miniatures? Addons?

Copies were sent into distribution. You might find one at a store. We are taking pre-orders for the third print run at BackerKit as well as for the addons and miniatures.

I am a PayPal backer, now what?

You should have received your game if you ordered an English edition. Please contact us if you haven’t received it.

Why are you shipping me a first printing? KS edition? Retail edition?  The Edition without the wood? The Edition filled with live scorpions?

The only thing I am currently shipping is the second printing (and soon the third). It contains all the wood meeples (and other stretch goals) that the first did. The KS edition and the retail editions are the same. The KS version of the first printing did come in a cool black box. That was all that is different about that version.

You have a second (or third) printing if there are reviewer endorsements on the back or if your treasure meeples are not yellow.