Frequently Asked Questions

There are only two of us reading emails. Please read the following FAQ before contacting us with an issue.

How do I contact you?
I recently emailed you, why didn’t you respond?
When will my pre-order of the second printing ship?
How can I get the game?
I am a PayPal backer, now what?
Version Differences?

General Help

How do I contact you?

Please use the contact form or directly mail We are happy to help and Caryl is way better at it than I am.

I emailed you (3 days/4 hours/several minutes ago), I’m going to contact you another way.

There are only 1.5 of us working customer service at Leder Games. One of those people is Patrick Leder who is also working on delivering the products. By contacting me another way you are slowing down the proper path to responding and creating an exception we have to deal with. Please don’t do that and be patient.


When is the Kickstarter fulfilling?

Assuming nothing goes wrong around these times.

US – Last week of July

Canada – Second week of August

Asia/Australia/New Zealand – Last week of July.

ED/Rest of World – They are arriving on August 6th. They will start then.

How do I get the Kickstater Exclusives?

Everything from the Kickstarter is included in the Root Expansion, Root: The Riverfolk, except the double sided board. The double sided board is in the core set. Not many Root: The Riverfolk were made, but we will be ordering a reprint soon.

I missed the Kickstarter and the pre-order. What should I do?

Root will be heading into distribution in September. We will bring a limited number to Gen Con and you can pre-order them in our store. We only have US and Canada available right now as we aren’t certain of how many units we will have left at our other depots. When fulfillment is done in those regions we will add pre-orders for those regions.

Pre-orders will be shipped after the Kickstarter fulfillment is over.

Leder Games Store

Vast: The Mysterious Manor

When are the Manor Pledge Levels shipping?

Should be pretty soon. We will probably work on it with the Root shipping coming up.

I missed the Kickstarter? Is there a late pledge?

You can go to here on backerkit and pledge as if you were a backer. You will not miss a thing there is nothing exclusive in the Kickstarter. This is your last chance to get the expansion for free.

Vast: The Mysterious Manor Pre-Order

Vast: The Crystal Caverns

How can I get the game? Miniatures? Addons?

Copies were sent into distribution. You might find one at a store. You can also use our site. Leder Games Store

What is the difference between the first printing? What’s the second printing like?

We only printed one version of the game. The second (and third printing) have some rule clarifications and the first printing had a cool black sleeve for Kickstarter backers.  The content is the same otherwise. We are not currently shipping first editions. If you find a game in a store it is very likely second or third printing. First printing of the games went to backers and were sold directly at Gen Con.

You have a second (or third) printing if there are reviewer endorsements on the back or if your treasure meeples are not yellow. Some of the rules were simplified and more examples will put into the rules.