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Frequently Asked Questions

There are only two of us reading emails. Please read the following FAQ before contacting us with an issue.

How do I contact you?
I recently emailed you, why didn’t you respond?
Root Upgrade Kit
Root Second Expansion
Vast: The Mysterious Manor
Vast: The Crystal Caverns

General Help

How do I contact you?

Please use the contact form or directly mail We are happy to help and Caryl is way better at it than I am.

There are only 1.5 of us working customer service at Leder Games. One of those people is Patrick Leder who is also working on delivering the products. By contacting me another way you are slowing down the proper path to responding and creating an exception we have to deal with. Please don’t do that and be patient.


I have rules questions about Root!

We made a viewable Google Doc answering some of the most common rules questions we’ve received about Root that you can view here. We will be updating this document from time to time. If your question is not answered below, feel free to email us at!

How do I get the Kickstarter Exclusives?

Everything from the Kickstarter is included in the Root expansion, Root: The Riverfolk, except the double sided board. The double sided board is in the core set. Riverfolk expansion printings beyond the first run have cut the number of card holders down to 1. This won’t impact game play and they were very expensive to make.

I missed the Kickstarter and the pre-order. What should I do?

We are currently on our third printing of Root and Root: The Riverfolk.

  • US/Canada – most of our third printing has recently gone to US/Canadian and international distributors and retailers. Distributors who have ordered quantities from us will be seeing their stock at some point in June 2019.
  • Asia – We are currently looking into fulfillment companies that can ship for us to Asia on a more permanent and reliable basis.
  • Australia – We are currently looking into fulfillment companies that can ship for us to Australia on a more permanent and reliable basis.
  • EU – most of our third printing has recently gone to US/Canadian and international distributors and retailers. Distributors who have ordered quantities from us will be seeing their stock at some point in June 2019.

I own Root but now I hear about new balance changes/a second edition! What do I do!?

When we play tested in the office we got to witness hundreds of games. Now that we are witnessing thousands of games we noticed certain patterns emerging and made some balance fixes. The changes are very slight and can already be implemented in your current games. For details on Cole’s diary and the exact changes, it can be viewed at the BGG thread here. This is not a second edition of the game.

We recently ran a Kickstarter in March 2019 to fund a new Root expansion as well as a physical upgrade pack for early adopters of Root. The upgrade kit contains an updated rulebook as well as all new player boards printed on new material and contain the new balance changes. You can either purchase the upgrade pack through our late orders on Backerkit here. We’ll also have the upgrade pack available at regular retail and distribution channels once available. 

You can also implement the balance changes now if you want! Print this pdf at home and affix the changes to your player boards.

My expansion does not include 6 card holders. What should I do?

The first printing Riverfolk expansion only comes with 5 card holders. The Riverfolk don’t need one as they play with their hand open.

Second printings and onward will only contain 1 card holder now as they were too expensive to make and ship.

Will there be translations?

We have signed deals for the following languages:

Root Second Expansion

What does the expansion consist of?

The Second Root expansion includes the following:

Two new factions:

The Crows – Espionage masters, they will have a smaller presence on the board. They score points by manipulating the other player’s hands.

The Moles – An ancient kingdom ascending to the surface. The Moles like the Cats, Birds, and Lizards will be about putting large amounts of Warriors on the map, while controlling clearings.

Two New Maps:

The Mountain Pass Map – Battle for control of a couple of mountain passes.

The Lakeside Map – Battle around a lake.

A new rulebook – We want to keep the rules current as each faction arrives so we will just reprint the whole rule book.

A learn to play – For the Moles and Crows.

Our recent Kickstarter campaign also included the following:

  • Vagabond meeples
  • an alternate card deck with updated art to include all factions (Exiles & Partisans deck)
  • AI Boards
  • Upgrade Kit (all 8 current boards printed on different cardboard stock and with updated rules balances) 

I want to test or at least review the materials before buying, where can I do that?

We will be releasing kits for each piece of the faction every few days of the campaign for discussion and testing.

I was working on them here but we are maintaining that less in the lead up to the campaign.

When will the Underworld expansion be released?

We’re estimating fulfillment to be in Dec 2019 for our Kickstarter backers and late orders. Retail will be available shortly after we finish fulfillment. 

Is Cole involved in this?

Patrick had the idea for the expansion factions and worked on those while Cole and Nick were wrapping up Vast: TMM. Cole has been involved in the testing and the planning for the expansion and we are moving forward with his complete support. Cole works in the same room as Patrick and they discuss it frequently. Nick will be taking over development as we move forward and will be working with Cole.

Will there be a bigger box?

We are going to make a bigger box when we are done with the game. We are aware that other companies have done it and we are flattered to be compared to these companies. We just don’t have the sales volume that these companies do. We have to be able to produce enough that we can get them for a low price and I just don’t see the demand for a bigger box being that high. Also shipping on a bigger box is pure volume which is expensive.

Vast: The Mysterious Manor

When are the Manor Pledge Levels shipping?

The Vast: The Crystal Caverns product part of the Manor pledges been fulfilled as of late last year. If you are a Manor pledge level backer and still have not seen these, please contact us at Mysterious Manor will fulfill at the same time as the rest of the pledges Summer 2019.

I missed the Kickstarter? Is there a late pledge?

You can go to here on backerkit and pledge as if you were a backer. You will not miss a thing there is nothing exclusive in the Kickstarter. This is your last chance to get the expansion for free. We will be closing pre-orders a couple of months before we anticipate fulfillment so we can lock numbers.

Vast: The Crystal Caverns

How can I get the game? Miniatures? Addons?

Copies were sent into distribution. You might find one at a store. You can also use our site. Leder Games Store

What is the difference between the first printing? What’s the second printing like?

We only printed one version of the game. The second (and third printing) have some rule clarifications and the first printing had a cool black sleeve for Kickstarter backers.  The content is the same otherwise. We are not currently shipping first editions. If you find a game in a store it is very likely second or third printing. First printing of the games went to backers and were sold directly at Gen Con.

You have a second (or third) printing if there are reviewer endorsements on the back or if your treasure meeples are not yellow. Some of the rules were simplified and more examples were put into the rules.