Updates on the Second Printing of Vast: The Crystal Caverns

  1. The first wave of games have arrived and have been shipped out. Many Kickstarter backers should already have received their games. Follow our updates on Kickstarter for more detailed information.
  2. If you’re in Austin, come see us at the SXSW Gaming Expo in Booth 1932 and vote for us in the Gamer’s Voice Awards – Multiplayer Category! We have copies of the game and are doing demos and play tests of the add-on role prototypes. You can also demo DEEP, our upcoming space exploration game. Read more about DEEP on Board Game Geek.
  3. Pre-orders are open again on BackerKit. Everything will ship with the next wave in August.
  4. We were at PAX East and presented in a panel gaming with your kids. See the full panel here.

Special thanks to AtlasĀ Games for helping us with this shipment. Also, check out this sweet preview art for DEEP from Kyle Ferrin:

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