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Root Availability FAQ

Root is certainly doing well with reviewers and fans alike. We are enjoying the fruits of our hard work and we beyond delighted folks are enjoying the game. Demand is high and people that don’t have Root are excited to get it. This has lead to a large uptick in rumors, misinformation, and direct contact to me about availability of the game.

I am going to provide this FAQ and I will keep it maintained on BGG and our Website. If you see a question on the internet about the reprint or rumors please I am asking you to help us out and use this FAQ to address the issues. Please post links to it and do not copy/paste it in another forum. I will only keep it live on BGG and our website.

If you have ANY questions the preferred way to contact us is
It will take time to reply. Please don’t contact support and then contact me another way asking me to go read the support email you sent an hour previous. Caryl responds to different messages every business day. Even FFG has taken a week or more to respond to my queries and they have 100+ employees. We have 7 please respect it is going to take some time.

Root availability FAQ
First Printing
The First printing of Root was completed in the summer. The First printing consisted of 20,000 Roots and 12,500 expansion.
KS/Pre-Order fulfillment
The majority of the units we printed went to fulfilling the KS demands and backerkit pre-orders. If you are missing either of those things, please read the relevant updates on the KS page. If you are still concerned that you don’t have your game yet, please contact
Some retail stores got copies also as they were KS backers.
We sent about 5000 Root games into distribution. The majority of those were in the US, Canada, and the EU.
No expansions were sent to Retail from this printing beyond those that were from the KS.
Direct Sales – Leder Games website
We are currently selling units to most regions through our webstore.
Shop the Leder Games Store

Second Printing
The factory has printed 30,000 Root games and 15,000 expansions which are currently on a boat on its way to different warehouses worldwide.

We will divide up the lot based on our distributor orders and ship it around the world. The majority of the second printing will go into distribution. Distribution will take time to get to retail stores. I would expect retail sales to start in late January to early February.

Second Printing Web-store Pre-orders

  • US – Riverfolk is currently sold out until the third printing on our webstore and we only have a limited number of Root core games left for sale through our site. Both core game and Riverfolk are going into distribution and retail now. Please contact your local game stores on availability as it’s out of our hands now.
  • EU – Root core and Riverfolk have been picked up by distribution and should be arriving shortly at retailers, if not already. Please contact your local game store on availability. Our inventory for EU is fully sold out on our webstore and will not restock until the next printing.
  • Canada – Pre-orders are still waiting to fulfill as we’re waiting on the arrival of another container with additional stock of both Root and the Riverfolk expansion. Pre-orders should be shipping late this month if we don’t run into any delays. We have a small number going into distribution as well. Please contact your local game stores for availability.
  • Asia – A small number of quantities were sent to Floship to fulfill our pre-orders and will take until roughly late January to fulfill.

Other Issues
Will there be translations?
We have signed deals for the following languages:
The translation will include the expansion too. I have no firm timelines yet.

What is different between the KS edition/First printing/Second Printing?
KS/First Print – There is no separate KS edition. If you purchase the First Printing at retail you are getting the same thing the KS backers received (though they got the expansion for free).

Second Printing – The Riverfolk expansion had 5 card holders in it. We are eliminating all but 1 of them as they are very expensive to produce at this scale. If you want card holder there are many vendors on Amazon that will provide them. For a point of reference even with a massive economy of scale the median price on Amazon seems to be 15 dollars. It was hard to squeeze into the budget of a 40 dollar expansion.
Everything else will be the same. It will include the meeples with the screen printing. The Meeples in the second printing will be a solid piece of MDF.

Will there be another Kickstarter?
We are currently planning on doing a KS early in the year to help us fund the third printing as well as the second expansion. Currently we plan on the following for the project.
2 Factions: The Crows a faction based on espionage and secrets and the Moles a faction built on hand management.
There has been a lot of fan created factions lately. We are reviewing those for possible inclusion.
A new board featuring 2 new maps Spring and Summer. Spring will feature a mountain range and the players can hire mercenary moles to create new paths through the mountains. The Summer map will feature a lake the players can navigate.
We are talking about doing a smaller addon to increase the number of bots in the game.
You can read about all of the work we have done here:

What conventions will you have games at?
PAX: South 2019 – We will be attending with second printing. We will also bring the expansion to play.
PAX: East/Unplugged/Origins/Gen Con 2019 – We should have ample supply by then.

We will probably not be attending other conventions for the time being.

My online retail order didn’t ship. Can you help me?
Please don’t contact us about online retail sales, particularly if there is a delay with your order shipping or them overselling. That is between you and the retailer, I have very little power over the retailer as they are a step removed from the company via the distributor.

I need a replacement. What should I do?
Contact and we will attempt to accommodate your request.

I need help with a question I can’t find here?
Please check the FAQ on the Leder Games website and/or contact
Also be aware that our reply might go to your spam folder.