Vast: The Crystal Caverns

The ultimate asymmetric cave-crawling adventure where you become the brave Knight, Goblin horde, massive Dragon, malevolent Cave, or cunning Thief. Game includes:

  • Drawstring Bag for Omens
  • Individual Rule Sheets
  • Treasure Chest Meeples
  • 3D Crystal Tokens
  • Fifth Player Role – The Thief
  • Wooden Meeples for the Roles
  • 6 All new Terrain Tiles
  • 25 Challenge Cards

Due to a dispute with Paypal the money for the pre-order has been frozen until 6 months after I complete shipping. I have obtained a bridge loan to finish the print run. I do not expect to ship later than February at this point but I will keep people notified. Please contact me if you want a refund, disputing it with PayPal makes life with them increasingly more difficult and is very slow to resolve. Every pre-ordered made will still be honored thanks to the bridge loan.

You do not need to act if you are happy with your current order, they will ship with the Kickstarter/distributor units as normal.

You can read more about the dispute here. Please bear in mind I might not have time to answer all questions.



Trick or Treat

Trick or Treat is a simple rummy-style card game for 2 to 6 players. Relive your childhood, run around in your favorite costume and collect treats from your neighbors. Collect a complete set of candy and dash home before your friends can and turn the treats in for points.’

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