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Careers – Operations

We are looking to expand our operations team. We are listing the four roles we have identified. No one candidate needs to be ready for all 4 roles. Instead we will build 1 or 2 jobs based around the candidates we see. Good candidates should be qualified to fulfill two to three of the following areas of responsibility.



Brand Identity

  • Develop an overall brand strategy for the Leder Games brand.
    • Evaluate Leder Game’s current brand
    • Identify Leder Game’s unique differentiators and selling points
    • Leverage those advantages to expand the Leder Games brand
    • Continue to evolve the brand identity as the company grows
  • Collaborate closely with the development and creative teams to maximize the consistency of the Leder Games brand
  • Establish and maintain Leder Games brand guidelines, ensuring that all marketing material meets brand guidelines

Messaging Platform

  • Develop a messaging platform that communicates the Leder Games brand identity to the marketplace and our audiences
  • Develop detailed, engaging, and high-quality marketing materials to support Leder Games’ brand and product launches

Marketing Strategy

  • Develop a marketing & communications plan that will ensure the messaging platform most efficiently reaches our target audience:
    • Identify media outlets that are the best fit for our messaging
    • Collaborate with outlets to identify opportunities that best meet our goals
  • Monitor game industry market trends and competitor performance for incorporation into overall strategy
  • Oversee and track the performance of marketing efforts, modifying the strategy as needed to maximize ROI of marketing spend
  • Establish and expand our presence on relevant social media platforms



Day-to-day accounting and bookkeeping responsibilities

Handle receivables and reminding vendors that have paid late.

Pay payables in a timely fashion.

Audit expenses and help CPA prepare taxes.

Be able to provide executive staff with cash flow projections and forecasting.

Maintain readiness of our payment gateways.

Work closely with the production team to appropriately price products and help approve print run numbers.


Direct Sales

Manage e-commerce and direct-to-consumer sales on Leder Games website.

Maintain and update the Leder Games web store.

Help drive traffic to Leder Games website.

Help with communication, invoices and sales direct to hobby retailers.

Contribute to the operations team with the logistics of Kickstarter fulfillment.

Grow our direct to consumer sales at game conventions across the country and worldwide.


Event Coordination

Plans Leder Games convention schedule annually.

Completes Leder Games applications to attend conventions and events.

Communicates with convention organizers.

Handles all logistics of attending a convention including inventory, scheduling booth staff, booking hotel and travel accommodations.

Recruits and manages volunteers to help staff our booth at conventions.

Plans local community outreach and events to promote Leder Games.

Attends all Leder Games events.


Other Duties

We expect all employees to be available for major convention appearances. We do not expect 100% attendance subject to manager’s discretion.

Other Requirements

This position is based at our central office in Saint Paul.

Experience with board games as well as other types such as role playing and video games is beneficial.



Our salaries are competitive with other game companies in the area, and pay raises are based on successful Kickstarters as well as annual performance increases. We are currently implementing benefits including profit sharing and retirement accounts.


To Apply

Applicants should submit a resume to Please title your email “Operations Positions”

Leder Games is an Equal Opportunity employer.