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Come see Leder Games & Vast: The Crystal Caverns at GenCon!

Vast: The Crystal Caverns will be debuting at GenCon in Indianapolis, August 4–7, 2016. Come see us at Booth 2908! We’ll also be running demos in the Kickstarter Room (143). Also, check out this excellent video review of Vast by Man Vs Meeple and enter for a chance to win a copy of Vast through …

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A Few Updates

Jonathan Liu provided the following overview and review of the game and it is stunning: Reaping the Rewards: ‘Vast: The Crystal Caverns’ This is his really quick summary showing how he feels about the game.   I also played a solo game if you want to watch: The games are all speeding towards their depots.

June Update!

I have held 4 of the games recently and they are fantastic. The materials and components lived up to my expectations. I am very happy with how the project turned out. The box is a whopping 2 kilograms thanks to all of the stretch goals! The games are leaving the factory in China and are …

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Interview with Botch Games Podcast

Listen to a longish interview we did about asymmetric play and balancing for Vast: The Crystal Caverns with hobby and board game review podcast Botch Games.

Vast: The Crystal Caverns Unboxing

Watch the unboxing of the first manufacturing copy of Vast: The Crystal Caverns!

We’re at GlitchCon!

Come find us at GlitchCon in beautiful Minneapolis! We’ll be doing demos for most of the day.

Trove is now Vast: The Crystal Caverns

The title of Trove: The Crystal Caverns has changed to Vast: The Crystal Caverns. I am very excited about this title. The Cave is a Vast place for the Knight to explore, the Goblins to hide, the thief to Scurry, and the Dragon’s Vast treasures to be stashed. But more importantly it represents the Vast …

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Trove: The Crystal Caverns is now live on Kickstarter!

Hello internet! Twelve months ago I saw an adventure game I completely fell in love with. For the past 12 months by hook and by crook I have worked to make this a reality. Today with my team of David Somerville, Kyle Ferrin, Topher McCulloch, and Alexandra Cannon I am proud to announce our Kickstarter is open …

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Announcing Trove: The ultimate asymmetric cave-crawler — coming from Leder Games to Kickstarter this spring!

The dragon had been asleep for a hundred years. In that time, the cave under which it slumbered had changed greatly—goblins and strange monsters had filled its gloomy depths. There were stories and rumors about the cave itself thinking, shifting, growing stronger and more dangerous. Mystic crystals were rumored of, filling the cave’s rooms with …

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