The Underworld Expansion

Pre-Orders are now live.

Return to the world of Root with the Corvid and Duchy factions and two new maps!


The Mysterious Manor


A Game of Woodland Might and Right


The Crystal Caverns

Welcome to Leder Games

Based in Saint Paul, Minnesota, we are a board game micro-publisher making exciting, asymmetric narrative games that are exciting to play as well as artistic and socially conscious.

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Letter from Leder Games

Hello friends! We are having a really great year. For the sake of tradition I should have written this in January, but we have just been plum busy since the start of the New Year. Thankfully, we were all able to take a few days off after the end of the Kickstarter,...

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Root: The Underworld is now LIVE on Kickstarter!!

Return to the world of Root with The Underworld Expansion. Tunnel through the land as The Great Underground Duchy. Infiltrate the hands of your opponents with the Corvid Conspiracy. And, with two additional maps, new and experienced players have never had so many ways...

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