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Designer/Developer Diary, Oath

Oath: New Foundations | Design Diary 4 - In the Weeds

Tomorrow, we’ll be launching the Kickstarter campaign for the next Oath expansion. Today, I want to talk a little bit about how we think about our crowdfunding campaigns and how they have shaped the identity of our studio. I’m also going to write a little about an element of the Oath expansion which I think illustrates our approach.

Designer/Developer Diary, Oath

Oath: New Foundations | Design Diary 3 - Family Histories in Oath

Back in the early days of Oath’s design, I made two structural decisions that I never really questioned. The first determined the size of the game’s deck, roughly how many cards were in play, and the general size of the game’s initial card-base (as well as its rate of change).

Designer/Developer Diary, Oath

Oath: New Foundations | Design Diary 2 - What Oath Forgets

When we were first pitching Oath during the first Kickstarter, I would often describe it as “a game that remembered how you played it.” This was less of a pure description than a kind of aspiration. My main task in those days was to find ways to quickly sum up what made the project special and to communicate its ambitions.

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