Leder Games Policy on Fan Art and Merchandise 

Last updated: Jan 26, 2021

We at Leder Games feel grateful for the communities that have been built around our games. With passion, creativity, and ambition, we created the worlds of Root, Vast, Fort, and Oath that you have all come to know and enjoy now. We can only appreciate that our fans share this same passion to expand and amplify their game experiences with fan creations. In order to protect the art and IP of our work, we ask that the following guidelines be followed in regard to the sale of merchandise related to our works:

Art Use in Items for Sale

  • Use of our official art or assets from our games such as logos, character art, component art, iconography, etc. are prohibited. 
    • Traced, digitally manipulated (i.e. skewed, flipped, mirrored, etc), vectorized, reproduced, or any other edit in nature to any existing artwork are also prohibited.
  • Unique and artistic interpretations of our art, characters, games, and any related features or gameplay mechanics are allowed.

Production and Prohibited Merchandise

  • Items may not be mass produced and must be produced on an individual and/or hand-made level unless with our express permission. 
    • Professional, large, or manufacturing scale machinery are not permitted
    • 3D printing, laser etching, or other like machinery on an individual or small operation scale are allowed
  • Items such as figures or miniatures (for collectible, display, or gameplay use) are not permitted
  • T-Shirts, apparel, clothing, and other wearable items on a mass-produced scale are not permitted and must also indicate a limited run or limited period of availability
    • Use of apparel services that sell and print on your behalf such as Threadless and Redbubble are not permitted
  • No items that are similar to our official products and accessories on our Leder Games site or Leder Games’ authorized licensees are allowed. 

Product Listing Guidelines

  • Ensure that your items are visibly and clearly marked as “Unofficial” in both title and item description. 
    • Item descriptions must also describe that no authorization from our company was obtained in relation to its production or creation. 
    • Item name and description cannot devalue the quality of our officially produced works or components such as “component upgrade.”
  • Imagery of our official products may not be used unless necessary to demonstrate use of the fan-made item (e.g. inserts)


    • Items may not be sold in bulk to a single customer, such as retailers or wholesalers.
    • Items must be sold through an individual storefront that sells directly to customers such as conventions or an Etsy store 
      • Items may not be listed on large online sites that do not feature an “artist storefront” or similar feature to distinguish an individual or unique artist such as Amazon, Wish, Alibaba, etc.
      • Items may not be listed on large online sites that mass produce your items on your behalf such as Redbubble, Society6, Threadless, Displate, Zazzle, etc.
    • Items may not participate or seek funding through crowdfunding campaigns or platforms (e.g. Kickstarter). 

    Do not associate Leder Games or any of our games or brands in works that are not in line with our company philosophy and values.  Do not associate our company with content that is illegal, sexist, racist, offensive, discriminatory, inappropriate, or in otherwise poor taste.

    We reserve the right to ask you to remove any works for any reason. We reserve the right to update this policy at any time and ask that you comply with the most up to date contents of this page. 

    If there are any questions or uncertainty in regard to this policy, please contact us at support@ledergames.com and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can. 

    Please refer to the follow examples below to understand our policy in further detail:

    Non-permitted examples: 

    Art Infringement Example #1:

    This artwork for sale is not permitted for the following reasons:

    • Was listed on a large online retailer site that lists and also produces apparel on the user’s behalf
    • This item contains a mirrored and digitally manipulated piece of existing character artwork from Root

    Asset Infringement Example #1

    This product is not permitted for the following reasons

    • This product has taken official artwork and reproduced it for sale without our permission

    Asset Infringement Example #2

    This product is not permitted for the following reasons

    • Iconography has copied and traced the visual design of our existing game tokens

    Asset Infringement Example #3

    This product is not permitted for the following reason

    • official existing character artwork was traced to create laser etched portraits

    Permitted Examples:

    Example #1:

    Grogu has painted and molded 3D tokens made with a 3D printer to use with their game of Vast: The Mysterious Manor and plans to sell them at a convention with a limited run of 100 sets. Inspired by the art from the game, they created these tokens with their own artistic interpretation.

    This is permitted because this item was produced with a machine on a small scale and with an indicated limited run. And although it is inspired by the existing components of our game, it does not use our official art or assets to signify the icons represented on the hand-made tokens.

    Example #2:

    Din Djarin has drawn an original digital art piece depicting the Eyrie Dynasty in a battle scene and would like to print and sell art prints of this piece on their Etsy Shop. While clearly representing the characters from Root, their depiction does not mimic or digitally manipulate any particular art piece from our games. 

    The sale of the art print is permitted because it is an original art piece that does not infringe on any of our existing artwork. The sale on their Etsy store is also permitted because their items are listed and displayed as an individual’s storefront. 

    Example #3:

    Fennec loves to crochet and has made 10 plush figures depicting a chibi interpretation of Tiny from Fort. They have listed these for sale on their individual artist store hosted by Shopify.

    The sale of the crocheted figures are allowed because it features an artistic interpretation of one of our characters, was individually hand-made, and also created on a small scale without the use of mass production machinery. 

    Example #4:

    Ahsoka has drawn an original image of the Chancellor from Oath that has gotten a lot of attention. They have silk screened this image onto several t-shirts and sweatshirts to sell online to their followers.

    This is permitted because a silk screened process was used, which is an apparel printing method by hand and is of a small scale operation. Their image is original and also does not utilize large apparel companies to print this image onto clothing.