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Please read the following FAQ before contacting us with an issue.

General Help

Please email Our support email is able to provide assistance with damage, missing components, order inquiries, and anything you need help with!

Unfortunately, our office is not open to the public.

Definitely! Please sign up for our playtester newsletter here! We'll reach out if we have any upcoming playtesting opportunities.

Please directly email with photos and provide details on where your copy was purchased from. Our support email is able to provide assistance and help confirm the validity behind your copy. If you are looking for trustworthy sources to purchase our games, we recommend supporting friendly local gaming stores or hobby shops near you.

Please read our Fan Art and Merch Policy regarding what we do and do not permit. If there are any questions or uncertainty regarding this, please contact us at

Unfortunately, our artist, Kyle Ferrin, is not doing art commissions at this time. He may take commissions on occasion outside of his work at Leder Games and we recommend finding out more on his website.

Please keep in mind that he will be unable to do commissions based on any of our titles.

Sorry, we do not! We do offer postcard sets featuring a curated selection of art pieces from Kyle Ferrin on our webstore.

Unfortunately, because our shipping warehouse is in a different location than our company office, we cannot autograph games that are ordered from our webstore. 

However, if you attend any of the game conventions where we're present such as Gen Con or Pax Unplugged, we'd be happy to offer autographs there!


We primarily work on designs that are generated in the studio and are not currently seeking submissions.


Please refer to our Shipping Policy for timelines on processing and delivery of your order by region.

Orders only ship when all items in the order are in-hand and ready to ship. Any order containing a pre-order item will be held until the pre-order item is in stock and be sent in a single shipment.

If you would like the available items to ship first, please make a separate order containing in stock items and a separate order for the pre-order item so that your order is not held.


Most orders will be emailed tracking information once the shipping label is created. Please note that small orders containing small items may not have tracking information but you will receive a shipment notification to alert you that it has been shipped.


Because our inventory is stored separately for shipping within different regions (North America, Europe, Asia, and Australia/NZ), we have separated our products based on shipping region to reflect the unique stock at these facilities. 

Unfortunately, we cannot offer shipping outside of the indicated regions. If an item is sold out in your region, we will be unable to ship that item for you because it is sold out in that particular warehouse.

By adding an item whose region does not match the intended region for shipping, your order may be delayed or cancelled. Before checking out, please ensure the correct regions in all your products are selected.


If an item is sold out in your region, we will be unable to ship that item for you because it is sold out in that particular warehouse. We unfortunately cannot ship stock in one region to another.

Before checking out, please ensure the correct regions in all your products are selected.



Please search the Ahoy BoardGameGeek forum to see if your questions has already been asked or answered. If you are still unclear, please reach out to us at

Our crowdfunding campaign for new Ahoy content took place in late 2023. We expect to deliver to backers in early 2025, with the expansion hitting retail in summer of 2025.


Please search the BoardGameGeek forum to see if your questions has already been asked or answered. If you are still unclear, please reach out to us at



We have an FAQ and errata thread on BoardGameGeek here!

If there are any rules questions not covered in that thread, we highly recommend searching the BoardGameGeek rules forum for Oath to see if it had already been answered.

We also alternatively have a very active Discord community as well that would be happy to help answer rules questions.

Yes, Oath has been translated by our partners into the following languages: Spanish, Portuguese, Polish, Korean, Italian, Hungarian, Russian, German, French, and Czech.

For ease of production and to reduce packing errors, we kept the card sleeves for Oath standardized. For the Edifice cards, this means that you have to flip the card and reinsert it into the sleeve between games if it falls into ruin. And for the Scepter, the back material is just a player aid and the critical information is duplicated on the reliquary for your reference.

If for any reason, you want to reset the order of the cards back to the order of an unplayed game, you can refer to this file for the specific cards and order.



To play any Root content, you will need the Root base game. For more information on how the Root expansions expand on your experience, you can find out more here!

We're so lucky and grateful to have a passionate online community for our games. If there are any rules questions, we highly recommend looking if your question was already answered in the BoardGameGeek forum for Root. 

We also alternatively have a very active Discord community as well that would be happy to help answer rules questions.

Everything from the Kickstarter is included in the Root expansion, Root: The Riverfolk Expansion, except the double sided board. The double sided board is in the core set. 

To find out what printing you own, please refer to the back of your box. Your printing and edition number will be indicated next to the barcode for all of our products, including expansions.

We implemented some changes starting with the Root base game and Root: The Riverfolk Expansion third printings. If you own a copy beyond the third, you will have the most up-to-date player boards. 

If you own an older printing of Root, you can print this pdf at home and affix the changes to your player boards or purchase the Root Upgrade Kit from our webstore.

The first printing Riverfolk expansion came with 5 card holders previously. These were a stretch goal that was unlocked from our first Root Kickstarter campaign but unfortunately had to be reduced in number after that initial printing.

Second printings and onward now only contain 1 card holder as they were too expensive to make and ship in subsequent printings.

Root is natively created and developed in English. We also have language edition partners that have worked on Root in the following languages as well:

  • Chinese
  • Czech
  • French
  • German
  • Italian
  • Japanese
  • Korean
  • Polish
  • Portuguese
  • Russian
  • Spanish
  • Thai

Root is an interactive game and players should understand that seating order is a dimension of the game's asymmetry. Sometimes it's a good thing to go first, sometimes it's not. It's up to players to figure out how to adjust their strategy to the situation :)

There are currently no official plans on an all-in-one storage solution for Root. Root still has lots of potential ideas and concepts we want to explore in additional content that make it difficult to consider a storage solution until the full view of Root is realized.

During our earlier printings of Root core and the Riverfolk Expansion, VP markers were denoted with "VP" and a laurel. However, we updated these markers onward from our third printing for accessibility and language independence. We include both types of VP markers in the Underworld and Marauder expansions to match your existing printing editions or style of preference.

Unfortunately, we do not have access to components that contain translated text. Please refer to the front or back of your Root box to find the name of the partnered publisher and contact them for a parts request. If you are in need of a component that does not contain text, you can contact us at for assistance.

VAST: The Mysterious Manor

We are currently accepting orders here to ship Mysterious Manor to North America, Europe, Asia, and Australia/New Zealand. Vast: The Mysterious Manor is also available at your friendly local game store.

Vast: The Mysterious Manor is a standalone title with all-new characters and setting! Crossplay between Crystal Caverns and Mysterious Manor is available through the Haunted Hallways expansion.

Please refer to our official errata and FAQ thread on BoardGameGeek here. If there are any rules questions unanswered, please search through the BoardGameGeek forum and see if your question has already been answered. If you still require rules clarification, please email us at

VAST: The Crystal Caverns

The core game of Vast: The Crystal Caverns, The Miniatures expansion, and The Fearsome Foes expansion are sold out and currently out of print. We do not have plans to reprint any of these products at this time.

(Last Updated: December 2023)

We only printed one version of the game. Subsequent printings have some rule clarifications and the first printing had a cool black sleeve for Kickstarter backers. Some of the rules were also simplified and more examples were put into the rules. The content is the same otherwise. We are not currently shipping first editions. First printings of the game only went to backers and were sold directly at Gen Con.

You can tell whether you have a newer printing if there are reviewer endorsements on the back or if your treasure meeples are not yellow.