New to Root

The Root base game is a stand-alone experience that plays 2-4 players. With it, you’ll be able to learn the fundamental concepts around Root and play different factions that hit all varieties of asymmetric complexity: low, moderate, and high. We highly recommend starting with the Root base game first, and expanding on your game after your first play. 

Refer to the chart below to find out how you can expand on your experience and discover different ways to enjoy Root!


  Released Expansions Releasing 2022
Cover art and designs not final
The Riverfolk Expansion

The Underworld Expansion

The Clockwork Expansion

The Marauder Expansion

The Clockwork Expansion 2

Hireling Content
Requires Base Game X X X X X X
Other Expansion(s) Required Riverfolk and/or Underworld required
New Factions X X X
New Map X
Solo Play X X
Co-Op Play X X X
Increases Max Player Count to 6 X X X
Great for Lower Player Count X* X* X* X* X*
Great for Higher Player Count X* X X X

Other ways to expand Root

Requires Root Base Game

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The Exiles and Partisans Deck
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The Landmark Pack

Game Accessories


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