Root: The Marauder Expansion

The Marauder Expansion introduces two new factions to the Woodlands (Lord of the Hundreds and Keepers in Iron), hirelings, and a new set-up draft system suitable for both casual and competitive play.

Lord of the Hundreds – Both charismatic and terrifying, he rules over a vast horde of warriors and is interested only in domination of the Woodland.

Keepers in Iron – Strangers to the Woodland, they are here only to recover the scattered and lost relics of an ancient civilization. 

Hirelings - These small factions can be used at any player count and introduce surprising new power combinations as well as a chess-like tension to lower player count games of Root.

This is an expansion. A copy of Root the board game is required to play.

2-6 Players
Ages 10+
60-90 min.