Root: The Marauder Expansion

The Marauder Expansion introduces two new factions to the Woodland—the Lord of the Hundreds and Keepers in Iron—alongside four hirelings and a new setup draft suitable for both casual and competitive play.

Play as the:
Lord of the Hundreds – Oppress the Woodland and burn it to the ground if need be. You suffer no dissent.
Keepers in Iron – Lead your exiled order of devout knights into battle to recover ancient relics. For glory!

Discover unique strategies and make the Woodland wilder by adding hirelings:
Forest Patrol & Feline Physicians – Secure your realm and heal deadly injuries with Marquise elites.
Last Dynasty & Bluebird Nobles – Crush your foes and prove your legitimacy with the last Eyrie regiment.
Spring Uprising & Rabbit Scouts – Revolt against despots and fight for freedom with Alliance sympathizers.
The Exile & The Bandit – Stalk the forests and steal what you need with these Vagabond mercenaries.

This is an expansion. A copy of Root the board game is required to play.

2-6 Players
Ages 10+
60-90 min.
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The hirelings are small versions of the factions that can be added to games at any player count. They introduce surprising new power combinations as well as a chess-like tension to games with fewer players.

Lord of the Hundreds

Claiming to be the true voice of the Woodland, the Lord of the Hundreds spreads distrust and division, inciting torch-wielding mobs to dominate their enemies. The swarming army of the Hundreds can overwhelm all but the toughest defense, looting items and adding them to the Lord’s towering hoard.

Keepers in Iron

An order of nomadic warriors, the Keepers have come to the Woodland to recover ancient relics. To find them, they must manage their Retinue of Woodland contacts carefully, since only the local animals know how to find the relics they seek. Their zealous devotion to their cause makes them a terror in battle.