The Underworld


The Underworld


Player Count

2-6 players (with expansion)

Suggested Age


Playing Time


Introducing Root: The Underworld

Root: Underworld requires the base game of Root.

A new expansion pack for Root: A Woodland Game of Might and Right. This pack provides two new asymmetric factions to mix and match with current Root content for new player dynamics, as well as two new maps with new map-specific rules.


Two New Factions

The Moles

“The Great Underground Duchy” – An ancient kingdom ascending to the surface. The Moles like the Cats, Birds, and Lizards will be about putting large amounts of Warriors on the map, while controlling clearings.

The Crows

“The Corvid Conspiracy” – Espionage masters, they will have a smaller presence on the board. They score points by manipulating the other player’s hands.

Two New Maps

The Mountain Pass

Battle for control of a couple of mountain passes.

The Lakeside

Battle around a lake.

Root Expansions

The Underworld Expansion

The Riverfolk Expansion