Introducing Vast: The Mysterious Manor

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Introducing Vast: The Mysterious Manor

Today Vast: The Mysterious Manor launches on the crowdfunding site Kickstarter. The campaign will run from May 29th to June 26th.

Leder Games presents its newest asymmetric adventure game, Vast: The Mysterious Manor. The Mysterious Manor takes you and your friends on an adventure in a haunted house. Here there are few heroes. Instead, each player takes on a unique role, with dramatically different abilities and goals. Play as the pious Paladin, the murderous Skeletons, the dreaded Spider, the bewitching Enchanter, or the Manor itself.

With dozens of player configurations, a modular board, and scenarios allowing players to integrate content from Vast: The Crystal Caverns, the Mysterious Manor offers new and old players alike with fresh new adventures in the world of Vast!

Vast: The Mysterious Manor is designed by Patrick Leder and brought to life by master illustrator Kyle Ferrin.

Cole Wehrle, developer of Mysterious Manor explains, "The Mysterious Manor raises the bar for asymmetric gameplay. Vast has never been more delightfully competitive or more accessible for new players!”

About Leder Games:
Leder Games first brought the card game Trick or Treat to Kickstarter in October of 2012, followed by the asymmetric cave-crawling adventure Vast: The Crystal Caverns. Building on the success of Vast, owner Patrick Leder hopes to continue to publish unique and innovative games that inspire imagination and are exciting to play. Stop by Leder Games booth 427 at Origins Game Fair to find out more about Vast: The Mysterious Manor.

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