Designer/Developer Diary, Vast

Vast: The Mysterious Manor | Development Diary - Gray Areas: The Making of the Enchanter

Despite its dense, interactive design, Vast: The Crystal Caverns scales very well across its player counts. Still, for my money, the game thrives at three or four players. At three players, each role can easily understand the capabilities of the other roles. This transparency makes for tighter, meaner games. At four players, the delicious emergent alliances have enough space to twist the players into all sorts of strange configurations

Designer/Developer Diary, Vast

Vast: The Mysterious Manor | Development Diary - Learning to be a Studio

During the early stages of Root, Patrick was indispensable to the game’s development. He guided the project, establishing its ethos and its general shape. But, once development heated up after the Kickstarter was completed, he started turning his energies towards the studio’s next project, Vast: The Mysterious Manor. At this point TMM had been in development for over a year. In some respects, the design was about as far along as Root, but Patrick wanted more time with the design.

Kickstarter, Vast

Introducing Vast: The Mysterious Manor

Leder Games presents its newest asymmetric adventure game, Vast: The Mysterious ManorThe Mysterious Manor takes you and your friends on an adventure in a haunted house. Here there are few heroes. Instead, each player takes on a unique role, with dramatically different abilities and goals. Play as the pious Paladin, the murderous Skeletons, the dreaded Spider, the bewitching Enchanter, or the Manor itself.


Vast: The Fearsome Foes

We have combined the three add-on characters, the Cave Ghost, the Ghoul, and the Nightmare Unicorn for Vast: The Crystal Caverns into one expansion and called it the Fearsome Foes


Vast: The Crystal Caverns | Translation/Miniatures/Add-ons

Contacting me here will do you almost no good! Please contact for all support issues. The messaging system on KS is difficult to track, its way better for you and us to email where we can sort and process the issues.


Vast: The Crystal Caverns | Miniatures #2: The Roles

An update with previews of some of the miniatures for Vast: The Crystal Caverns.


Vast: The Crystal Caverns | Miniatures Addendum: Objects

Hey folks, Patrick Fahy made these videos for you to see the miniatures being designed. I am working may way through the replacement queue and I am bringing in help to tackle it this weekend. Caryl is working through the email queue also. Thanks for your patience!


Vast: The Crystal Caverns | Miniatures #1: The Objects

Patrick Fahy has stepped in and helped out the project by building all of the objects. Here are renderings of the objects in the game. We are starting to work with the factory on these. Of course some of these might change as we encounter the limitations of working with plastic.