Vast: The Crystal Caverns | Miniatures #2: The Roles

Vast -

Vast: The Crystal Caverns | Miniatures #2: The Roles

Here is a peek at some miniatures for the roles.



The awake Dragon will have 2 horns. This photo is a bit older.


The Addon minis are being worked on. I will post them soon.

We are looking into colored plastics and make a decision after we see the cost.

Just a reminder that images here don't mean the miniatures suddenly materialized in the warehouse. They will be available when they ship in August. I will keep you updated if the timeline slips at all.

IF YOU NEED ANY HELP AT ALL with address changes, cancellations, missing parts, missing items please contact If you contact me here I am literally just going to send you there. Please be patient I am currently a 2.5 person operation and one of those people just draws pretty pictures all day.

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