Vast: The Crystal Caverns | Miniatures #1: The Objects

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Vast: The Crystal Caverns | Miniatures #1: The Objects

Patrick Fahy has stepped in and helped out the project by building all of the objects. Here are renderings of the objects in the game. We are starting to work with the factory on these. Of course some of these might change as we encounter the limitations of working with plastic, but this isn't Patrick's first rodeo so I am confident we will find a solution.

Claw Dragon Gem

Flame Dragon Gem

Wing Dragon Gem

Rock Slide

Current Player Marker ( I keep writing first player marker good grief!)






I will publish the characters tomorrow if I can. Chad, Kyle, and I are wrapping up the Knight which you can see on my Twitter account. The Goblins, Dragon, and Thief pieces are ready, we are starting the addons soon.

Other News

Also Kyle completed this piece of art for the bonus cards which I am pretty delighted with.

About one quarter of the replacement parts have been packed. I was waiting for the factory to send 50 sets of Wood. 11,000 more games are in production and the translations are being or waiting to be laid out.

Alright I'm off to bed. Good night!

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