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Vast: The Fearsome Foes

We have combined the three add-on characters into one expansion and called it the Fearsome Foes. We contacted folks that only purchased one or two addons and asked if they wanted to trade up. If you still want only one character we will accommodate you. It's not too late to get all Fearsome Foes though, just contact Caryl.

As many of you are aware the project is now late. The factory and I have been going back and forth with and it looks like the games will get here some time in December and we will then begin fulfillment. All of the English components are currently being printed. I apologize for the lateness I ran into a few problems that I could resolve with better planning. Here is what happened and my resolution to fix the process next time.


I spent many weeks after I left my last contracting job way overloaded. This lead to bad project management on my part. To resolve this I did some hiring, which also ate up time and I had to train people on the tasks I was doing as they left my plate. I’m really pleased with the result as about half my time is now spent in creative work and half is spent keeping the company running, but it did eat up some time.

Resolution: My new director of operations, Jacob Tonding, is very focused on timelines. We will build project plans as we go and he will hold me to a schedule.


The miniatures ran into a few problems. The sculptor had a family issue so we went way over the time we had scheduled to complete this part of the project. The originals were also held up for 6 weeks in customs in China. I feel like we were just getting shaken down but it took some time to get them moving again.

Resolution: Next time I do miniatures again I will have the majority if not all of them designed before I get to into the project.


Adding three more roles to the game and having time to balance them was a great effort. I want to commend the people that helped me, primarily Joshua Yearsley and Kyle Woelfel In addition there were many proofreaders thanks to the BGG forums and my other professional contacts.

Resolution: Not much to be done here. I wanted you all to have a quality product. Project management will help. In addition I have hired Cole Wehrle on as a Game Designer and Developer. He will keep me on task for writing rules in the future. He and I are working on a game we will announce soon as we finish researching the name so we don’t end up with a Trove situation again.


The factory is a bit behind. I can’t do anything about that. We will keep an eye on things and keep you posted.


I will talk about the non-English versions of Vast in a coming update. Everything is fine the layout is just really slow.


Changes You should be able to change your address yourself. Backerkit turned address changes back on.


As always if you need help the first and best way to communicate is to contact so Caryl can help you. If you contact me here I will probably direct you there.

Thanks everyone!
Patrick Leder

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