Our statement on recent online harassment of content creators, and our shared responsibility in creating safe spaces in our communities.

Our Statement On Our Shared Responsibility To Create Safe Spaces Online

This statement is supported and signed by Patrick Leder and the entirety of the Leder Games staff.


It has come to our attention that content creators have recently been the targets of harassment on their Root: The Marauder Expansion previews. We would like to make the following very clear to the online community:


1. Creators do not need to provide justification to their viewers on why a publisher chose to collaborate with them. If it is not already clear, we admire the work of all of our previewers and choose to amplify voices that are not only diverse, but also belong to members of our hobby that have done positive work and help make it a better place.
2. A narrative currently exists that another content creator had been blacklisted by our company from covering any of our titles, and is the story that harassers have chosen to validate bullying others. This blacklist narrative is false, has no basis, and only exists to do harm and generate toxicity.
3. We condemn and have zero tolerance for the actions of any individual or group that reasons that harassment or bullying is permissible.
4. We, as publishers and creators, are accountable for our own followings. We all must work proactively to not allow room for bad actors or anything that threatens the well-being of our hobby. We must work hard to create and protect safe spaces.


It is everyone’s responsibility to ensure safe spaces exist. We recognize that as a publisher, we have the platform to lead by example. As always, we will do our best to be good allies and offer up our voices to speak out for our community.


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